Simplify Layout Design With These 5 Helpful Ideas

With articles or designs aiming towards customers or simple topics, a detailed, fussy design is actually quite unlikable and unnecessary. In this case, you should simplify your design. Simple designs will make people more comfortable and also easier for new designers. For people who are familiar with details and meticulousness,  simple layouts can sometimes be a welcomed highlight. Let’s check out the following 5 ideas to simplify your design layout.

Simplify layouts in design

Replace complex text with images

Think about it! Think about someone who likes simplicity or ask your friends, you will see that the graphic design that can express all the meanings should be used instead of complex wall of text.

Icon images are an effective way to convey your message and simplify the layout of your design effectively.

Simplified design layouts

Use effects to create contrast

A simple design does not mean it is bland and forgettable. Creating a contrast for your design by using the striking effects is necessary. Besides, contrasting effect will help to give life and soul to the design.

Simplified font selection for the layout design

Different types of fonts will help to show viewers where is the important part of the design. Choosing too many complex fonts is not a good idea. Using the simplest and easiest fonts is better for simple designs. However, you can also create highlight for the whole design with a special font for one important line of text. Simplifying the font selection also makes the design layout much easier.

Limit the number of colors in the design

Color is one of the most powerful tools of design. But with a simple layout, you need to limit the number of colors by choosing from 2 to 4 colors and using them with limitation. The colors need to stand out, with highly efficiency, they need to be cohesive and in harmony with all the other parts of your design.

Simplify Layout Design With These 5 Helpful Ideas

Limit the number of colors in the design

Do not use too many elements

Most of the time, whether in life or in design,  people want to show a lot of things at the same time. But it shouldn’t be that way and will not work anyway. So, we need to focus only on the things that are really important.

Likewise, in your layout design, even if you want to show thousands of ideas, even if you want to put in all the elements you’ve thought of, it is impossible. So, you should pick out a number of factors that can harmonize and complement each other in the structure and the layout of your design. With the layouts that require simplification, you need to moderate elements even more.

Simplified with beauty and simple design layout

So now you have learned 5 design ideas for a simple layout. Hope that this sharing will be useful and help you create a design with the most effective simple layout. Visit DesignBold Academy to get more design inspiration and tips to design your own professional products.

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