How to Search and Use Images in DesignBold?

Hi there Bolder,

The saying goes that a picture speaks a thousand words.

No design is complete without the use of a good quality image. And at DesignBold we give you that power to use some of the World’s Most Amazing & High-Quality pictures in your designs.

Moreover, the best part is you don’t have to leave DesignBold and randomly search for images! You can search for the pictures within the DesignBold UI and directly drag & drop those on your designs.

DesignBold provides you with 3 types of image categories:

  1. Thousands of Free Images available to both Free and Pro users. (with free to use copyright and license).
  2. The images in the DB Premium Folder. Available for free to PRO users. Free subscribers will need to pay for the images.
  3. We have also partnered with 123RF (one of the leading Premium Stock Images provider in the World), to make premium stocks available at the tip of your fingers. PRO Users get to use 20 images free of cost every month.

All the images are available to you right within the DesignBold dashboard. In this short post, I will show you quickly how to search for images while you are creating your masterpiece design.

1. Try Searching for Images Using Key Words:

You can type the keywords and search for the pictures you are looking for. With highly targeted search algorithm, DesignBold will provide you thousands of images (Both Free and Premium). Select the image you like and drag it to the designing board.

2. Check the DesignBold Folders for Images:

You can check the two folders, one for free images and one for premium images.

Points about 123RF images

DesignBold has partnered with 123RF, to provide users the option to use Premium Stocks in their designs.

  • If you are a FREE USER, AppSumo PRO User or Regular PRO User, then for using 123RF premium images in your designs you will be prompted to purchase coins.
  • Once you complete the payment to purchase coins, you will be able to download (by using the purchased coins) a non-watermarked version of the 123RF Premium stock along with your design.
  • (Purchase is necessary due to the associated licensing and copyright costs of premium images)

So, what are the various types of licensing rights you receive by purchasing coins? Check the licensing page for details.

  • Buying coins are like purchasing a prepaid card. You can purchase coins at the DesignBold pricing page. For example, let’s say you buy 50 coins. Then you can use the coins to pay for premium stocks while rendering your design.
  • For a single time use, it costs 1 coin. (24-hour license to use the non-watermarked version of the image).
  • For multi-time use of a picture, you will need to purchase 10 coins. (Extensive licensing usage of the image).
  • Once you run out of coins, then you can rebuy from the pricing page.

We hope that you are now more clear in regards to searching images in DesignBold, how to use those and if there will be any associated cost.

Be Bold and Keep Designing :)

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