Quick Design With DesignBold – How To Design Logo

In this article, i will show you principles of logo design and how to design them quickly and effectively.

The definition of ‘Logo’ and its value to all the firms

At the very basic level, logos are symbols made up of text and images that help us identify the brand.

There are 3 main values of logos:

  • Differentiate your brand from others

Each logo has distinct structure made from different images, colors or typography so the customer would not have the same impression on each one. Therefore, they would remember different brands without any confusion thanks to the logos

  • Memorize your brand in customers’ mind

The customers would not be patient enough to listen to all the details of your brand you are trying to convey. However, if your logo reflects lively all the value or features of the company, they would bear in mind your brand image for so long

  • Proclaim a professional brand

A specialized logo might make your customer trust and love your brand more because they see you are very professional in building the company image

10 principle for Logos

According to RGB, there are ten things that make your logo a perfect one:

  1. Convey customers’ requirement
  2. Eye-catching
  3. Unique
  4. Suitable message
  5. Minimalized design
  6. Easy to remember
  7. Stable
  8. Well-adapted
  9. Flexible
  10. Stand out

How to design logos?

Thanks to DesignBold, you just need to follow these steps to have a excellent logo

1. Select layout

Steps below are what you must do to have a right-size facebook ad

  1. On DesignBold homepage, click on New Design
  2. Select View all doc types then Logo

2. Add shapes, lines, symbols

Add interesting shapes into your work by these steps

  1. In Search section, select Shapes/ Lines/ Symbols
  2. Select the ones you like

3. Add texts

Below are ways to add texts into your design

  1. Click on Add texts
  2. Select the text types (heading, subheading, body text)
  3. Click on the text to edit it

That’s it for design logo! Don’t forget to save to your computer and use it for your marketing materials.

Now have a look at the video below to to make clear of all the steps above!

Design your own logo!

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