Best Stock Photo Websites Showdown (Getty, BannerLib, iStock, Shutterstock, etc.)

In the fourth industrial revolution era, the overwhelming development of technology leads to transformations in information accessing behaviors of customers. Users are drowned in an ocean of information and spams. For instance, if you’ve looked through your social newsfeed recently, you know that users are constantly bombarded with pictures, videos and ads every scroll.

An outstanding stock photo plays a crucial role in boosting up your brand and gives you a significant edge in the competitive market. We have compiled a stock photo website ranking table based on  the pros and cons of each site. This table will help you to decide which stock photo company best meets your needs.

What Is Digital Media?

Digital media is any class of media that pops up on smartphones, websites, social network, etc. These channels helps enterprises connect with target audience and create business relationships. Digital media files needn’t to be as large resolution since they will be optimized for sites.

BannerLib Review

In addition to the usual images and illustrations all sites have, BannerLib provides stunning design layouts of the world’ leading online design tools such as DesignBold, Canva, Crello, etc. Users can edit and download them with just a few drags-and-drops. Moreover, BannerLib’ stocks categorize into categories such as color or subject (logo, poster, social media, etc.), making it easier for user to search.

BigStock Review

BigStock is an inexpensive stock photo service that specializes in images and illustrations. Their affordable price paired with a numerous number of photos to meet most digital communication needs makes it the number 1 stock photos location for online demand.

This is the site we use for our website’s photos pretty regularly. However, if you are seeking for more vector images, you will clearly purchase more so you may want to look to another site.

iStock Review

iStock inherits the reputation from the world-famous parent company, Getty Images (our #1 rank for traditional stock images below). With millions of low-priced resource, iStock is one of the smart choices for those in need of lots of online, royalty-free, low-resolution images for websites.

The iStock’s filter can be a little bit difficult for users who prefer to search without a keyword in mind, as it is challenging to just search without first typing in a keyword. Generally, the search function via keywords is easy and intuitive for the reader.

What Is Traditional Media?

Traditional media is the most popular channel that appears on banners, posters, used outdoors or on television. The audience encounters them every day from newspaper ads to TV advertising. Consequently, you might utilize higher resolution images for this traditional channel which is why they might cost you more but the quality is much better.

Getty Images Review

From historical photos to celebrity photo bombs, Getty Images supplies one of the most immense databases of media resource with over eighty million different high-solution, premium stocks for creative professionals (advertising and graphic design), the media (print and online publishing), and corporate (in-house design, marketing and communication departments). The website is easy to browse and navigate for high-concept photos, illustrations, and sounds.

123RF Review

123RF offers one of the most low-cost subscription plans, with low-resolution images starting as low as $1 per photo. It’s a great alternative to many of the big stock photo services and they have a wide array of over 37 million photos, audio, vector files.

However, the one downside of 123RF is the browse results didn’t have many filtering choices, which isn’t ideal if you have something specific in mind, but their stocks are all so awesome you may not need them!

ShutterStock Review

Shutterstock is a great resource for high-res images, especially for large-format designs (billboards and other outdoor prints). They provide a variety of subscription plans to meet various user needs, making its pricing model more flexible than some other high-resolution photo options.

With Shutterstock’s massive library of 70 million photos and files, Shutterstock would be an excellent choice for agencies, publications, and enterprises with the need to use high-quality photos and illustrations often.

Adobe Stock Review

In 2015 Adobe, the popular graphic design software company released their own version of a stock photo library with more than 40 million pictures, illustrations and vector images available. Also, you can upload your images to this creative community and sell them to multimedia users who have graphics needs. Adobe Stock is still in the early phase, so we will have to give them more time to evaluate where they fit in our rankings.


If you’re seeking some high-resolution for large-format prints, Getty Images and Shutterstock will be a good choice. If you desire a convenient and diverse stock resource that meet basic digital marketing needs, BannerLib í gonna be our number one recommendation.

We hope this article was helpful. Moreover, you can try DesignBold as a powerful design tool which was integrated with a great stock library of stunning editable layouts, photos, and other design elements.


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